• Automating Renewal of Let's Encrypt Certificates with GitLab CI

    How to set up automatic renewal of your free TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt for your GitLab Pages-hosted site.

    2019-01-06 - 15 minute read -
    Blog GitLab
  • Tightening Security on GitLab Pages

    How to enable HTTPS for secure connections to your Jekyll blog hosted on GitLab Pages with a custom domain, using a free TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

    2018-09-01 - 7 minute read -
    Blog GitLab
  • All the Bits and Pieces

    In my previous post, I outlined what needed to be done to get the blog started. I’m sure you’re waiting to read what I ended up using for the various bits and pieces.

    2018-08-30 - 4 minute read -
  • Well, This Is My Blog Now

    I have been flirting with the idea of creating my own blog several times over the past few years. But every time, one thing or another kept me from actually following through.

    2018-08-29 - 3 minute read -